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48mm x 90m Self-Adhesive Plasterboard Fibreglass Joining and Plastering Mesh Tape, Patching Holes Ceiling and Drywall Tape.

  • Designed with professional plasterers in mind, our plasterboard tape is a high-quality product that is simple to use and produces outstanding results, simplifying your work.
  • Our mesh tape offers a quick and simple way to fix cracks and achieve a seamless joint, and it's suitable for both people who enjoy doing home improvement projects themselves and experienced professionals.
  • Also known as drywall tape, this mesh and fibreglass tape is specifically designed to strengthen the internal corners and flat joints of plasterboard. It features a sticky backing that enables it to adhere to walls without assistance.
  • This plasterboard tape is an excellent choice for areas within the house that are likely to be damp, such as bathrooms and kitchens, as it is more resistant to mould than paper tape.
  • Our 100% warranty on this product gives you the assurance that if there is any problem with the product you can message us and we resolve the issue as soon as possible!